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over the top boost

Japan has become a leading motor vehicle country in the world for both four and two wheels, by the accumulation of the advanced technology.

Although, domestic motor oil corresponding to the advanced mechanical technology is very few, and it is true that the foreign manufactured motor oil are establishing the share. We were particular about making the motor oil refined and formulated in Japan, which follow the predominant technology of the motor vehicles and motor cycles that Japan boast to the world.

There are four seasons in Japan, with region to record minus 40℃ below zero to the region of 40℃, or the extreme humidity 90%. Moreover, geographically, the height difference is large in many areas, which creates the severe environments for motor vehicles and bikes compared to the world.

Repeatedly tested, “RED SEED MOTOR OIL” is the made in Japan, top grade quality motor oil adapting to this environment.

RED SEED|次世代オイルレッドシード|RED SEEDとは

Japanese born 100% synthetic oil “RED SEED” having the full knowledge of whole environment of Japan, is the one and only motor oil that adapts to the engine technology Japan boast to the world. In 2016 FIM Endurance World Championship Suzuka 8 hours, we made the finish with BMW S1000RR. This was the moment that RED SEED proved its world-class performance.

RED SEED|次世代オイルレッドシード|RED SEEDとは

Characteristic of “RED SEED MOTOR OIL”

Countermeasure for heat sag

Converted the ingredients that are used in jet engines for automobile by the special production method, to exert a cooling effect in the high temperature range.

Ensure engine protection in extreme heat.Composition binding reaction occurs at the nano-molecular level, the adsorption of the metal will increase inside the whole engine. At the same time, sealing efficiency is increased, piston clearance is optimized, achieving the original power of the engine.Improvement of engine response.Oil film produced by the special production method will reduce the friction loss, and transmit the power emitted from the engine directly to the road surface, by the laser response effect.

RED SEED|次世代オイルレッドシード|RED SEEDとは

“RED SEED” is not a long- established brand, with not much history. Although, even as a new brand, we can prove that it is a technology oil that exceeds the long-established manufacturers. We, ourselves, have participated the race as Team RED SEED, and fed it back to the engine oil.

Moreover, Team RED SEED has left the result to successfully fulfill the finish with the BMW machine at the All Japan Road Race Championship and the SUZUKA 8 HOURS ENDURANCE RACE. We were able to stabilize the water and oil temperature under the severe race condition, where others suffer in trouble or retire one after another deteriorated under the high temperature.

At the same time, this was the moment that “RED SEED” proved its world-class performance. “RED SEED” will provide the high-performance that the riders expect in various racing scene, such as sprint races to endurance races.

RED SEED|次世代オイルレッドシード|RED SEEDとは